• How can I stop crying when peeling onions?

    The best way to peel an onion is to pour boiling water over the onions in a bowl. Then, when cool enough to handle (not cold), remove the top and bottom and slip off the skin.

  • How do I save my favourite recipes?

    On each recipe near the "Print" icon, there is a "Bookmark" icon. If you click on this, you can save the recipe into your bookmarks. From there you can specify a particular folder to put it and all your favourite recipes in, eg. "Huey's Kitchen Recipes".

    Then, when you want to view the recipes, you simply go to the Bookmark nav in the top of your browser and click on the specified folder.

  • I'm renovating a new kitchen, which is the best equipment to get - gas or electric?

    A gas top and electric oven is the way to go. The gas cooktop is essential, but the oven could also be gas, if you prefer.

  • What is French trimming?

    French trimming means that the bones are trimmed as you would a rack of lamb, ie. fat cut off, bones exposed and scraped.

  • What is the difference between oils?

    Extra virgin olive oil is the best and purest (and the best for you). It's the first pressing and, in most cases, it shouldn't be used for cooking - just drizzle it over dishes and salads at the end. Virgin olive oil is pretty similar to the above, but it's the second pressing of the olives using extra force and therefore it's not quite as classy or well flavoured. It's used in a similar vein to extra virgin.

    Olive oil is a blended oil produced by mechanical means (the pressing, that is). This is what you use for cooking Mediterranean dishes and food where you want the flavour of the oil to come through.

    Vegetable oil is great for Asian food and recipes where the flavour of the oil is to be in the background or not noticed at all.

  • What is the different between salts?

    Kitchen (cooking) salt is normally fairly similar to table salt, but coarser (and is often not treated, to ensure that it pours freely). Sea salt is obviously from the sea and rock salt is mined in quarries.

    Sea salt is regarded as the creme de la creme because, basically, it's the most natural. And, salt flakes are usually made from sea salt.

  • Where does Huey buy his braces?

    I get my braces from a few places - the foodie ones come direct from robert@robertcharles.co.nz and the others come from various shops here in Melbourne.

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