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Italian Walking Tour - Haberfield

Discover a hidden world of small, family run businesses, from cheese makers to bakeries and divine delicatessens. Italy’s lip-smacking cuisine is the stuff of daydreams, romanticised and craved by Australian food lovers, and now Gourmet Safaris is giving foodies an opportunity to go behind the scenes and discover the alluring culture of Italy. Capable and experienced Italian/Australian guides will lead participants past Italian delis selling a range of olives, cheese, smallgoods, oils, pasta and sauces, bakeries crafting traditional breads, and produce shops boasting mountains of fresh fruit and vegies. Visit a pasta maker and cheese maker to learn more about the art of creating the perfect product and marvel at their wares.

The Italian Walking Tour will give participants a taste of real Italian coffee and a traditional, homemade lunch, plus a number of tastebud-tingling food tastings. Explore beyond the borders of your local suburb and discover the hidden world of Haberfield. Tuck into homemade pasta, wood-fired pizza and salads, pop into sweet-tooth heaven at a pasticceria, and take home a collection of recipes to fuel your Italian experience at home.

The class will run from 10am to 3pm on Saturday, 28 March at a cost of $95 per person.


Throughout Haberfield NSW, New South Wales

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