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  • Possums

    If the possums are attacking your herbs (as they are mine), crumble 2 tbsp dried chillies and pour boiling water over the top. Leave for 24 hours, strain and mix with a little detergent and 1 cup water. Put into a spray container and spray on plants when necessary.

  • Poached eggs

    An easy way to poach an egg perfectly is to bring a pan of water to a simmer, add a little vinegar and then break in the eggs. Simmer for exactly 1 min, cover, turn off heat and leave for exactly 10 mins.

  • Pineapple rings

    An easy way to prepare pineapple rings. Cut the pineapple into thick slices and use an appropriately sized pastry cutter to cut each slice almost at the skin. Then, with a small cutter, take out the core.

  • A bit of curry, no worry

    Adding a spoon of Indian curry paste to almost any stew or braise will add that extra bit of oomph that is so often missing. But it will certainly not turn it into a curry or even, in fact, add any great degree of spice.

  • Perfect meat

    When cooking meat, always rest it, loosely covered, in a warm place for 5 mins (for a single cut) to 15 mins (for a whole joint). This is essential for tender results because, while the meat is cooking, all the juices flow towards the centre.

    Resting allows these juices to settle evenly throughout the meat.

  • Perfect deep frying

    When deep frying, always make sure you preheat the oil to 170 - 180 degrees C. This will ensure that the food will be sealed the minute that it's added and the amount of oil soaked up will be minimal.

    And always drain the food well on a generous pile of clean kitchen paper.

  • Parmesan to perfection

    Where possible, buy Parmesan in a piece. Look after it by wrapping it in oiled cheesecloth, before placing it in the fridge.

    By the way, cheese and household refrigeration is not the happiest mix. The best spot, surprisingly, is your fridge's vegetable drawer.

  • Mushy mushies

    Mushrooms are very porous beings and if washed in water they will take up the most amazing amount of liquid, which will then leak out as they cook.

    So, instead of simply throwing them into a tub of water, wipe them individually with a damp cloth. The extra effort will pay off when it comes to the cooking.

  • Meat tenderiser

    A puree of pawpaw or kiwi fruit can be used as a tenderiser for tough cuts of meat. But only leave it marinating for 15 mins, as the meat can begin to 'cook' and fall apart.

  • Mayonnanise

    The emulsion of mayonnaise is helped by a warm bowl. So, wash the bowl first in warm water, but make sure you dry it thoroughly.

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    3 tbsp1/2 cup
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