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  • Spare chillies

    Extra chillies and capsicums can be frozen and used, sliced whilst still frozen, in sauces, stews, soups, etc

  • Smoked barbecue flavour

    When barbecuing, add water-soaked wood chips or branches just before cooking to give it a slightly smoked flavour. (Mesquite or hickory chips, apple branches and vine cuttings all work well.)

  • Salty marinades

    Because salt in a marinade tends to draw the juices out of the meat, I rarely add it. I normally throw in a splash of soy sauce, which not only adds the necessary salt content, but provides body as well.

  • Salting meat

    Only salt red meat after it has been sealed, as salt draws out the juices.

  • Roast beetroot

    Wrap whole scrubbed beetroot in foil, then roast in a hot oven until tender. This way all the natural flavour is retained.

    (For a simple salad, then toss with olive oil and lemon juice and top with a dollop of yoghurt.)

  • Read the recipe

    Before even beginning the cooking process, read the recipe right through and have every ingredient right there on the bench next to you.

  • Purchasing fish

    When buying fish, there are a few points to keep in mind. Look for a good bright colour, sparkling bulging eyes, a fresh sea smell and brightly coloured gills.

    This may be difficult when you're buying fillets or cutlets, but also keep in mind that the best fillets or cutlets will almost invariably come from a fish that is cut right there in front of you.

  • Pumpkin seeds

    Don't discard pumpkin seeds - they make a delicious snack. Clean them and toss in a hot, dry pan over moderate heat (or in a moderate oven) until golden. Then generously sprinkle with ground sea salt and serve.

  • Preserved lemons

    Not a bad staple for any pantry.

    Scrub 10 lemons well and cut into quarters. Place in a bowl and mix well with 250 gm kitchen salt. Put a layer of salt in a clean preserving jar and pack the lemons in, skin side out, pressing on them firmly to release juices as you do so.

    Top up the jar with extra lemon juice to cover the lemons, seal and leave for a month or so before using. They will last in the fridge for 2-3 months.

  • Potato salad

    When making potato salad, always use waxy potatoes such as southern gold's, kipfler or bintje.

    And don't ever run them under cold water once they are cooked, as this will make them water logged and almost impossible to dress.

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    a dashless 1/8 tspn
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    3 tbsp1/2 cup
    1 lb450 gm