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  • Bad wine, bad sauce

    Bad wine makes bad sauce. So if you can't drink it, don't you dare ever, ever cook with it.

  • Wooden skewers

    If using wooden skewers, soak them in cold water before they go on the BBQ. This will stop them bursting into flames as the meat cooks.

  • Wine vinegar

    To make wine vinegar, just combine any leftover wine with an equal quantity of cider vinegar and fresh herbs and leave for 2 weeks before straining.

  • Wild mussels

    If the mussels are dredged, not farmed, get rid of sand and grit by immersing the mussels in salted water for an hour or so, along with a sprinkle of flour. This mix encourages live mussels to expel all foreign substances.

  • Avocado Ripening

    To hasten the ripening of an avocado, put it in a brown paper bag with a banana.

  • Anchovies

    If you find anchovies a little strong for your taste, soak them in milk for 15 mins before using.

  • Whipped cream

    For perfect whipped cream, chill a bowl and whisk first in the freezer before proceeding.

  • Vanilla sugar

    Vanilla sugar is made simply by storing a vanilla bean in a covered canister of sugar.

  • Stale flour

    To tell if flour is stale, throw a small amount against a dry, smooth wall. If it falls like a powder it is stale.

  • Spice up your mayonnaise

    If using a bought mayonnaise, add a little Dijon mustard and lemon juice to enliven its flavour.

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    1 stick125 gm
    a dashless 1/8 tspn
    4 tspn1 tbsp
    3 tbsp1/4 cup
    1 cup250 ml
    4 cups1 litre
    3 tbsp1/2 cup
    1 lb450 gm