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  • Xmas week

    We are featuring a whole week of Xmas recipes w/c 13 December, including budget and leftovers.

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  • 2011 Logie Awards

    "Huey's Kitchen" is nominated for Most Popular Lifestyle Program in 2011 Logie Awards.

    Get voting please and show your support!

    head to for details and voting instructions - use the codeword: TV WEEK to go into the draw to win the ultimate VIP experience at the Logies!

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  • What's on my iPod

    What would be on my iPod, if I had one.


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  • Your top 20 most hated foods

    I recently found the attached article in an English magazine and would love to find out what your likes and dislikes are. So, please send me a list of the foods that you hate and would certainly not be demanding as your 'last meal' to Of course, you can use the accompanying list as a guideline, but it's not set in concrete and I think vegies should be included as well.

    "I have never liked brocolli. And, now that I'm President, I am not going to eat it ever again!", George Bush.

    I'll report our findings later on down the track.


  • Father's Day Special - Kids in the Kitchen

    Calling all dads! Iain Hewitson tells us why Father's Day is the perfect time to introduce kids to cooking.

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  • Huey's kid in the kitchen

    When Iain "Huey" Hewitson is taking time out from his TV show "Huey's Kitchen", he's happy to let his wife Ruth, or their eight-year-old daughter Charlotte - already a dab hand in the kitchen - prepare a delicious meal.

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  • Stars and their cars - Iain Hewitson

    Read about Huey and his Mustang from Drive in The Age.

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  • Drying chillies

    Thread the chillies onto a length of strong, white string using a large needle, pushing the needle through the stem of the chillies,  not the flesh. Then hang the string of chillies in a dry, hot room or on the side of a building in the sun.

  • Raw onions

    If you don't like the flavour of raw onions, either soak them in milk for 30 mins before using or put them in a sieve and pour boiling water over the top.
  • Lemongrass

    To prepare lemongrass, remove the rough outer leaves and give the bulb a good whack with the flat side of a meat mallet or large knife to break up the fibres. Then slice it as finely as you can.

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