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  • Brussels sprouts

    A much maligned vegie which can be so delicious with a little care and attention.

    Just remove any damaged leaves, cut a cross in the core of each one and (here comes the important part) - cook in lots of salted, rapidly boiling water, without overcrowding, until crisp and tender.

    When ready, toss the brussels sprouts in some hot oil or butter or sprinkle with grated cheese and cook under a preheated overhead grill.

  • Good old pork crackling

    Before cooking, generously massage the skin with olive oil and salt - clean hands of course!

    And, don't forget - always, always cook on a rack. 

  • Slow roasted onions

    Cut 4-6 large brown onions in half crossways, leaving the skin on, and place in a baking dish. Sprinkle with olive oil, red wine vinegar and seasonings. Then bake in a preheated 160C oven for 2 hours.

    When ready, peel the onions and toss with a little fresh oil, vinegar and seasonings. 

  • Adding zing to your crumbing

    For an even tastier result to your crumbs, add either freshly grated parmesan or some chopped fresh herbs to your breadcrumbs. Mix in well and proceed as usual.

  • Pumpkin chips

    Forget those boring old potato chips. Next time, try these pumpkin ones.

    Cut thin slices of pumpkin, using a vegetable peeler, and then cook in hot vegie oil until crisp and golden. Drain well on kitchen paper towels. What a treat!

  • BBQ steak with a difference

    The next time you barbecue a steak add a bit of an Italian twist to it.

    Just dip a stalk of rosemary in olive oil and brush it all over the steak as it cooks. Then, to finish, add a squeeze of lemon juice. Good stuff! 

  • Pizza snacks

    For a wonderful tasty kids' snack, take half a bread roll (any size or shape) and top it with some chunky pasta sauce. Then put your favourite toppings on top - quite a bit! (I like to use pineapple, ham and some grated tasty cheese.) Cook in the oven or under overhead grill for about 5-10 mins. Very tasty!

  • Mango Crunch

    Just peel a mango and cut the flesh in slices. Then whiz up half in a blender or processor with Greek yoghurt, honey and lemon juice. Layer in a parfait glass (or bowl) with toasted muesli and the remaining mango. Delicious!

  • Huey's school lunch hints

    Sandwiches are best with fillings that don't weep. So forget mushy stuff and instead fill croissants or bread with shaved ham, chicken, salami, cheese or crisp, crunchy lettuce (with Vegemite of course).

  • Vegie Magic

    Make a super fresh tomato sauce with onion, capsicums, tomatoes, seasonings and a touch of garlic.

    Then cook a variety of vegies in a large heavy-bottomed pot of rapidly boiling water until crisp-tender. Drain well.

    Toss the vegies with the sauce and some chopped fresh herbs.

    Serve with rice or creamy mash or, as an alternative, with a simple grill or roast.

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