Barney Allen's - Menu


Please order and pay at the Bar

Small tastes and something to share

·         The Barney Allen mini burger: It’s just like it’s big brother, The Barney Allen Burger (see under burger section) only it is small,$4.50

·         Bloody Mary oyster shooter: A shooter of spicy bloody Mary mix with a freshly shucked oyster in it, preferably chugged down but works sipping too $4.50

·         An Aussie classic – Jaffle stuffed with homemade baked beans, smoked ham hock and cheese $ 6.50

·         A salad of green peas, feta and shredded cos lettuce $7.50

·         A bowl of cos lettuce with cucumber and cherry tomatoes and a tangy Dijon mustard vinaigrette $7

·         Fries with Kick Arse sauce on the side $4.50

·         Naan bread from our tandoor oven, served with 2 dips, mint raita and lentil dahl $9.50

·         Chicken Tostados,  two crisp mini tortillas topped with chipotle spiced chicken and tomato stew, housemade refried beans and chilli and lime crema $9

·         Charcuterie Selection – House Terrine with apple chutney, Chicken Liver Parfait, Country Pork Rillettes, San Daniele Prosciutto, a fab Pistachio & Prosciutto Salami with our pickles & toasted sourdough – great to share $22

·         Our famous crumbed mushies: button mushrooms, delicious crumbs and a sauce tartare $9

·         Parmesan crumbed polenta bytes with sweet chilli mayo $9

·         Flamiche: mini French leek and cheese tartlets $10

·         Shuijiao: Beijing style steamed pork and ginger dumplings with a soy and mirin dressing  $12.50

·         Huey’s favourite Pancetta and Parmesan croquetas: A Spanish classic with Alioli $12.50

Sunday Winter Roast Special

Who doesn’t adore a roast meal? It implies, friends, family and home cooked comfort. Every Sunday we are putting our own home cooked roast on. It is only $25 and we include a soup to start with. It changes every week and is truly delicious. Please ring and make a booking for the roast lunch so we can be sure to help you.


Medium plates

·         A generous bowl of hearty soup with garlic sourdough (see our blackboards) $12   

(Usually our soups are made with chicken stock. Please check if you have dietary requirements)

·         A Thai Slaw of shredded chicken, Wonga bok, mint and coriander and a tangy chilli and fresh lime spiked Thai dressing $13.50

·         Panko and parmesan crumbed fresh salmon fillet on a salad of green peas, feta and shredded cos with an anchovy dressing $16.50

·         The Huey Plate –Leek and cheese tartlet, Thai chicken slaw, oyster Kilpatrick, pancetta and parmesan croquetas, house terrine, chicken liver parfait and housemade cucumber pickles $20


Something More Substantial

·         Kick Arse chicken tortilla – roll your own with Latin guacamole, cherry tomato, chilli and lime salsa, spiced onions, bar room slaw and sour cream $22

·         A vegetarian platter with the flavours of India; mildly spiced eggplant and spinach curry on steamed basmati rice; potato and pea samosas; lentil dahl, coriander chutney and naan from our tandoor $22

·         Peppered Minute steak, cooked medium with Dijon mustard and mushroom pepper sauce and a pile of fries $22

·         Wagyu corned silverside with creamy mash and a mustardy sauce $23


Burgers (with fries and another $3 or with salad add $3 too)

·        Our famous Barney Allen burger: Our juicy, huge beef burger has been on our menu for over twenty years and has a cult following. It first appeared at Tolarno, our restaurant down the road and we reinvented it under Barney’s name once here. It is the bomb! $13

·        A spicy, funky southern fried chicken burger with spicy slaw and a Cajun tartare $13

·        A burger of Greek lamb and feta sausage, tomato chilli jam, our housemade pickles and Tzatziki yoghurt $13


Weekend Pick Me Ups (Sat-Sun from 12-4pm)

       ·         Bacon, egg, tomato and grilled cheese sanga in sourdough $8.50


·         The Hair of the Dog, a bucket of 4 icy cold Melbourne Bitters with 4 Bloody Mary oyster shooters and  4 mini burgers $50.00  

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