Barney Allen's

Iain “Huey” Hewitson currently operates Barney Allen’s Bar & Diner in conjunction with long time business partner Ruth Allen and her brother, Barney.

Barney Allen's Bar/Diner is a warm, welcoming establishment. A mix of the old local and more up-to-date gastro-pub, it features rich red walls, a centralised dark timber bar and comfortable couches with framed mementos and posters on the walls. One of the highlights is the staff, who are welcoming and professional with sunny dispositions.

Barney's is a venue that has quickly become a home to visitors and regulars alike - a place where they happily meet friends, have a drink or a meal, or both, while the friendly buzz and the no booking policy gives the whole place a nice casual air.

There's a wide variety of drinks too - a great range of beers for a start, a fabulous selection of cocktails and a full wine list, as well as a blackboard list of wine specials - both of which would do credit to many a formal restaurant.

The food is another highpoint. It is generous, straightforward, good comfort food with a real eye to quality and detail that has characterised Iain Hewitson's cooking for years.

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